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QR Codes – an innovative way for provision of touristic information

The authorities in Rio de Janeiro initiated an original way for distribution of touristic information – trough the input of QR codes in the traditional mosaics of the sidewalks. The first picture was built in a sidewalk in Arpoador – a rocky cape, which divides the renowned beaches Ipanema and Copa Cabana.

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Initiatives for regional marketing in Bulgaria

bulgaria_marketingAs we promised in the previous article about marketing of regional products – it is an instrument both for making the very region popular and for supporting its local economy.

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Initiatives for regional marketing



Let’s pay attention to an important aspect of regional development – regional marketing. Here, we are both talking about marketing of the region itself (where the aim is to attract people and investments) and about marketing of products from the given region. The latter aims to increase the income of producers, to sell region-typical products (such as carpets from Chiprovtsi, plum rakia from Troyan), to promote culture and traditions that are typical for the region, to stimulate employment in the region, to shorten the way and to reduce the number of players in-between producer and end-client and so forth.

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Local currency






An interesting initiative was launched on 1 November in Champaign, Illinois. About 40 local shops, bakeries, beauty salons and more will start working with the new currency, the creation of the company UC Smiles, which belongs to the city council. Stores will begin to return the new money as change to allow the new currency to come faster into circulation. The exchange rate is one "smile" equals to $ 1.

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