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Initiatives for regional marketing



Let’s pay attention to an important aspect of regional development – regional marketing. Here, we are both talking about marketing of the region itself (where the aim is to attract people and investments) and about marketing of products from the given region. The latter aims to increase the income of producers, to sell region-typical products (such as carpets from Chiprovtsi, plum rakia from Troyan), to promote culture and traditions that are typical for the region, to stimulate employment in the region, to shorten the way and to reduce the number of players in-between producer and end-client and so forth.

An example for such marketing, which among other things also stands for protection of the environment, is Grünland Spessart (www.gruenland-spessart.de). As the project started as an initiative of the natural park Spessart, which is active in the region, the focus is on protection of open spaces and grassland through extensive grazing. The marketing initiative develops parallel but separately from the main project and is being supported from many actors – farmers, meat processors, representatives of the restaurant business, natural park Spessart, the regional development initiative SPESSARTregional e.V, etc. The products are marketed under the brand „Grünland Spessart-da ist Draussen, drin” and are specially certified. The most important requirement for a farmer to be certified is that his animals graze in the open air for at least 7 months a year.

Other regional marketing initiatives you can have a look at are Frische aus Main-Spessart (www.frische-aus-msp.de) InterBio Bretagne, France (www.interbiobretagne.asso.fr); Tiroler Bauernstandl, Austria (www.dertiroler.com); MainÄppelhaus Lohrberg (www.mainaeppelhauslohrberg.dе) and many others.

In a next article we will take a look at the situation in Bulgaria.

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