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Sustainable development

Urban interventions – a battle with the polluted urban environment








Using trash and light as materials for its “interventions” the anonymous group  known as Luzinterruptus created art installations in Spain and the whole of Europe.

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The week of the Environment in Berlin






The event Week of the Environment (Woche der Umwelt) took place in Berlin last week and I had the chance to be there. The event was organized by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) and Joachim Gauck, the current President of Germany.



Sustainable development and modern art







At the first sight, art does not relate to resources of alternative energy and the challenges connected to the preservation of the environment. Just at the first sight, though.

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The Cradle to Cradle method/ C2C




The term C2C (Cradle to Cradle) is a new method for sustainable design, which was presented for the first time in the book “C2C: Remarking the way we make things” by William McDonough and Michael Braungart.


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