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Localization methods for regional development purposes





Although no model can accurately represent and imitate reality, models can expand our understanding about a certain problem by helping us ask the right questions. And the questions are currently more than tthe answers. Are there recognizable Bulgarian products at shops in other EU countries? What happens to the border regions when highways on the axis East-West are being built? Which are the cities on the Balkans, which are the centres of influence? How will the Bulgarian economy become competitive? These are only a part of the questions, which provoke the author to introduce and follow various localization methods in the regional development domain.

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The first Bulgarian crowd-funding website

invest-greenThe first Bulgarian crowd-funding website for shared fund-raising for business, social and cultural projects has been inaugurated.


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Gamification for social change







"We got to the point where we can safely say that games are the new norm for millions of users ." - Al Gore

New "cultural movement" is gaining strength in social media - the so called "gamification"

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Focused analysis on the characteristics of the regional development in Bulgaria








Today was held in BAS seminar presenting the report prepared by Economic Research Institute "Focused analysis on the characteristics of the regional development in Bulgaria", which is the second stage of the project. In the first stage were covered over 100 indicators for socio-economic development of different territorial units within the country, and the third stage, which is expected to be completed in October 2012 will include a SWOT analysis of the regional development in Bulgaria.

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Excel- instrument for planning and analysis



Microsoft unveiled new technology for processing large datasets. The so-called Excel DataScope allows researchers to upload data sets in the cloud and perform analytical procedures such as searching patterns, identifying hidden associations, finding similarities and predicting the temporal sequence.

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